I have looked far and wide for these hangers!!!! I bought some previously at a store and have been unable to find them since. The only reason someone would not use these is because they have never tried them! They are absolutely amazing. I guard mine very closely and even took some back from my mother-in-law when she recently moved! Certainly wasn't leaving them for anyone else :).
Susan – Scottsburg, VA

“Wow, I thought that animal hook thing was fast, but these PUSH & HANG™ hangers blow them away….and you don’t have to worry about hitting a stud!”
Al -- Shirley, NY

“I hang a lot of pictures on my walls and there isn’t anything I’ve ever seen or used that is anywhere near as fast or as easy as PUSH & HANG™”
Val – St. Augustine, FL

“Tried your product.  Hung an object with the 10 pound PUSH & HANG™.  It was simple and easy.  This item is a great idea and a winner!”
Franklin – New York, NY

I just used my first Push & Hang and now I'm totally addicted!  I hang a lot of photographs and artwork, and your product was by far the easiest and quickest method I have ever used.  I didn't have to go hunting for hammer, nails or wire - it pushed easily into the wall using just my thumb and I just slid the framed artwork onto the PUSH & HANG™ and I was done!  What a pleasure!
JC  Commack, NY


I needed to hang my coat in my office and wanted it out of view.  I put a PUSH & HANG™ behind the entrance door and hung a coat hanger on it.  Since the door is always open, the coat is not in view and is relatively flat against the wall.  Great solution!

RCM  Northport, NY


My mother-in-law moved to an assisted living facility and had about 30 pieces of my wife's artwork that she wanted to hang.  I grabbed a package of PUSH & HANG's and hung all of them in less than an hour!  I cannot imagine how long it would have taken me with conventional hangers.
Sam – Flushing, NY