Once you use PUSH & HANG™ to hang your pictures, mirrors, wall decor and more….you will never reach for another hanger again!   Simply push into wall with thumb and hang picture or mirror…it is absolutely the fastest and easiest to use hanger on the planet!

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 Ÿ Pictures

 Ÿ Frames

 Ÿ Wall Decor

 Ÿ Signs

 Ÿ Chalk Boards

 Ÿ Art Work

 Ÿ First Aid Kits

 Ÿ Mirrors

 Ÿ Awards

 Ÿ Plaques

 Ÿ Bulletin Boards

 Ÿ Clocks

 Ÿ And Much More


  • Incredibly Fast and Easy to Use – You Won’t Find Another Hanger that’s Faster or Easier!

  • No Drilling…No Tools…No Mess – Just PUSH & HANG™

  • No Searching for Studs or Having to Avoid Them – PUSH & HANG™ Does Not Need to be Installed into a Stud and They're Not a Problem if You Find One

  • No Need to Mess with Anchors, Drills and Tools – Just a Very Simple Installation Using Just Your Thumb

  • No Repainting of Walls – Simply Remove PUSH & HANG™

  • Will Not Damage Walls Like Nails, Screws and Anchors – Leaves Tiny Slits Not Even Requiring Repair

  • Two Sizes Available – Standard PUSH & HANG™ for Pictures and Mirrors up to 60 lbs.* and PUSH & HANG™ Lite for Smaller Items up to 10 lbs.*

  • Easily Removable and Reusable – Making PUSH & HANG™ Extremely Cost Effective

  • Unique Patented Design – Enables PUSH & HANG™ to Hold an Amazing Amount of Weight in Standard Drywall

  • Hang Virtually any Picture or Mirror in Just Seconds!

Absolutely the Easiest Picture Hanger to Use.....Period!

* Maximum holding capacity is for comparison purposes only.  Actual results depend on quality and condition of drywall.